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Bachelorette Parties

Simply sensational!

If you want to book a classic bachelorette party hosted by a great-looking male stripper who entertains your group with a surprise disguise, a spectacular striptease for the bride-to-be and fun party games for everybody, you’ve come to the right place! Stripteasers® is the ideal special treat for a bachelorette’s last bash, because it’s a show created by women for women. Our entertainers and events are fashioned completely around female standards and expectations. Read our Guestbook to see what clients say about us!

So... What actually happens at a bachelorette party?

What happens at a bachelorette party stays at a bachelorette party! But we can confirm that (quite unlike grooms and their chums) girls really do just wanna have fun: they like to dance, drink a little, joke around and laugh a lot. And because a bachelorette is the perfect excuse to let go and party like crazy, groups end up devising all kinds of ways to have an exceptionally wild time (they book exotic weekends, dress up in costumes, splash out on decorations, etc.). The stripper may be the showpiece, but the bride and her friends are always the superstars.

I’ve never booked before... What can I expect?

We guarantee you a lot of good-hearted giggling! You’ll never see full-nudity or impropriety at a Stripteasers® party. No baby oil. No g-strings. Nothing kitsch or crass. The aim is to have a good time: we surprise our adored bride-to-be and we whole-heartedly participate in some provocative party games. The event is designed to be a little bit daring in places, but extremely amusing from start to end. Read our Guestbook to see what clients say about us!

Beware of “independent” performers!

Sideliners who offer shows at cheap prices

We don’t hire independent performers or freestylers from nightclubs or strippers from stripclubs. Their skin is usually in very poor condition, and they often have uncomely piercings and tattoos. Their photos don’t correspond to how they actually look. You’ll be shooting pics and clips at the party, you want your images to look good—right?

Independent performers don’t have back-ups. They’re known to cancel on clients last-minute, when they book a more lucrative party elsewhere—and without refunding deposits! And, if they have an accident or miss a ferry boat or flight, you’ve had it.

Independent performers also have unrefined manners, with limited sensitivity towards female standards and expectations. To self-promote, they take selfies and post photos on social media from parties without permission from customers—liberties that we never take.

All of our dancers have their own businesses and normal jobs, they are all regular types who follow normal hours, and this matters a lot when you have to do with a total stranger. Α stripshow is in itself something out-of-the-ordinary, so you don’t want the performer to be extreme as well.

See Stripteasers® hiring criteria ➧

The following websites are fake and do not offer genuine entertainment services:

  • https://vipmykonosparty.com/
  • https://zeusstrippershellas.com/

Hen Night Happiness

Pointers for a perfect bachelorette party

Around 5% of our bachelorette parties each year are booked by the brides themselves—because their BFFs got it wrong and didn’t think it’d be something she’d enjoy.

These events always end up being booked at the last-minute (meaning that we have to squeeze a 15-minute party into a busy weekend schedule), and then the group of course winds up having a fabulous time but wishing they’d planned it earlier, so that they could have reserved a longer party.

Don’t get shown up! We host numerous parties for professionals (celebrities, doctors, judges, lawyers, politicians, surgeons, VIPs) who for the most part project a conservative image, but then certainly know how to have a good time.

Seriously...? Nobody ever turns down an opportunity to laugh!

Popular options:

  • Renting a villa with swimming pool for an all-girl’s weekend
  • Renting an apartment in the centre for a besties last bash
  • Surprise party at your favourite hangout, followed by bouzoukia/clubbing
  • Theme party (Bond girls, cowgirls, superheroes, etc.)

Call us and we’ll explain why we do not recommend:

  • Bachelorette party at a spa
  • Bachelorette party at a club or at the bouzoukia
  • Bachelorette party at the beach
  • Bachelorette party inside a limo or on a small sailing boat
  • 2-3 people should organize the party
  • Each invitee should be assigned a task
  • Costs are always shared equally across all invitees

View contact list for the most popular and suitable rentals!

Whilst most bachelorette parties still take place at houses, more and more groups are renting Airbnb™ apartments in the city centre or seaside villas (in Saronida, Lagonisi, etc.). These are relatively inexpensive, more spacious than a hotel suite, and also more private (better sound-proofed for your laughing and screaming).

The definitive all-girls weekend

Greece, good friends, great weather, fantastic food, a splendid location, the perfect celebration.

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Daring, fun and simply sensational. It’s another great reason to get married!


  • Stripteasers® Party Games
  • Our party games are daring...
  • Are you ready to play??


Party Etiquette

  • Stripteasers® Party Etiquette
  • It’s a party... We have fun.
  • We tease the bride-to-be.
  • We play all the party games.
  • We shoot photos and videos.
  • We drink, we dance, we laugh a lot.
  • Party ends, we thank our dancer and...
  • We don’t make him late to his next party!
  • We can’t believe how much fun we had.
  • We tell others about our excellent adventure!
  • Stripteasers® Party Games
  • Our party games are wild...
  • Are you ready to rock??