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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your dancers Greek?

Οur dancers are all Greeks.

Do your dancers also speak English?

Yes, they all speak English as well.

What does a dancer usually wear for his show?

Dancers usually wear an outfit (ie, policeman or pizzaman), which initially serves as a disguise.

Do the dancers wear g-strings?

Nope! Our dancers wear boxer briefs. G-strings look unsightly on men and are also outdated.

Do the dancers undress completely?

Never. They undress to boxer briefs only.

Are the dancers aggressive in their approach?

No. Our dancers always maintain a careful and respectful physical distance.

What are party games?

Book and find out!

Do we all have to participate in the party games?

We have a cardinal rule: Giggle or Guzzle!—meaning that you have to drink a shot if you forfeit your turn to play.

Can we put banknotes on the dancer?

We are sure that no entertainer has an issue with this!

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We can’t party at home... Where can we party?

We are well-known all over Greece! Organize your party at your favourite hangout!

Can we book more than one Stripteaser for a party?

Of course! And this is recommended for events with more than 12 guests.

Can I invite a Stripteaser to a bar or club?

With prior consent from the venue managers... Certainly!

Can men book Stripteasers®?

Sorry, gentlemen! Stripteasers® are only for ladies!

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