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Birthday Parties / House Parties

Thrillingly legendary!

Stripteasers® are the perfect gift for birthdays, namedays, get-togethers and house parties—a fun and original surprise for groups of friends who enjoy spectacular events. The emphasis is on light-hearted entertainment for fun crowds: your chosen dancer appears in a disguise, entertains partygoers with a surprise striptease dedicated to the celebratee, and closes the show with a grand finale party game for the whole group. Clients who book for the first time usually book again and again, so we guarantee that your party will be a big success! Our birthday parties are available with female impersonators (for male targets) as well.

So... What actually happens at a Stripteasers® party?

Whether it’s a The Policeman™ or The Pizzaman™, hosts often confirm that the actual planning of the surprise is a big thrill, so parties always begin far more ahead of time than the date of the event! Secretly knowing what’s going to happen to an adored guest-of-honour, and imagining the laughter that will they will enjoy once the ruse is unveiled, is mischievously amusing. And since many of our events often include a sensitive audience (grandmothers, professionals, etc.), our shows are crafted to be more dazzling than scandalous. Our striptease is always to boxer briefs only but, upon request, it can be stopped at trousers or skipped completely.

I’ve never booked before... What can I expect?

We guarantee you a lot of good-hearted giggling! You’ll never see full-nudity or impropriety at a Stripteasers® party. No baby oil. No g-strings. Nothing kitsch or crass. The aim is to have a good time: we surprise our celebrated guest of honour and we whole-heartedly participate in some provocative party games. The event is designed to be a little bit daring in places, but extremely amusing from start to end. Read our Guestbook to see what clients say about us!

Popular Picks

The Pizzaman™

This show is extremely popular at office parties, with groups of friends who want to pull a good-hearted joke on a celebratee at her birthday, and with kids who want to thunderbolt an unsuspecting mom at a house party. Call us and pretend to order pizza to see what happens next! Your guests will be talking about your party for days!

Book a weekday (Monday-Thursday) party and get -10% off regular prices!


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The Policeman™

This is the best surprise ever, because the party gets interrupted by a policeman who arrives on the premises to redress a complaint for disturbance of the peace (the neighbours are complaining about excessive noise levels, underage drinking and possible consumption of illegal substances). He proceeds to approach your target guest, asking for ID and threatening arrest... Book this event to see what happens next! Your guests will be talking about your party for days!

Book a weekday (Monday-Thursday) party and get -10% off regular prices!

Covid House Party™ Popular!

Corona house parties are all the rage in the northern suburbs. Call our doctor for some syringe shots and a round of Dizzy Whizzy, or get your friends busted by our Policeman™ who issues a €300 fine to your guests for breaking Covid-19 health regulations!

Book a weekday (Monday-Thursday) party and get -10% off regular prices!

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Forget whatever you knew about male strippers... These guys are totally different!

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  • Stripteasers® Party Games
  • Our party games are daring...
  • Are you ready to play??


Party Etiquette

  • Stripteasers® Party Etiquette
  • It’s a party... We have fun.
  • We tease the guest-of-honour.
  • We play all the party games.
  • We shoot photos and videos.
  • We drink, we dance, we laugh a lot.
  • Party ends, we thank our dancer and...
  • We don’t make him late to his next party!
  • We can’t believe how much fun we had.
  • We tell others about our excellent adventure!
  • Stripteasers® Party Games
  • Our party games are wild...
  • Are you ready to rock??