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Charming, fun, good-looking gentlemen

We proudly present the best! Charming, fun, good-looking gentlemen—all with perfect bodies and super moves! Our services are guaranteed, so what you see really is what you get! All the showmen are highly-experienced, professional entertainers: they arrive at specified locations on time and quickly create a fun party atmosphere. Gather round with friends, browse through the pictures and choose your favourite!

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Have you got what it takes to be an entertainer?

Being an entertainer is a tremendously fun and lucrative job, but it isn’t as easy as most people imagine. Whilst our initial training requires some time, lots of detail and plenty of practise, team members continue to work hard after they’ve been prepped for parties. They train regularly at the gym, they follow strict diets, they take good care of their skin, they are meticulous with their outfits, they spend time putting their music together, and they are always thinking of new ideas to improve their shows. We demand the highest standards.

If you’re 22-26 years old and believe you have what it takes—for starters, a minimum height of 183cm, reasonable looks, self-discipline and transport—get in touch with us! You don’t have to be perfect, but a dependable and upbeat character is absolutely essential. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Cute, sexy men with six-packs and sunny smiles.

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