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What’s Stripteasers®?

Stripteasers® is an American-style entertainment service where you can book a fabulous male dancer as an original treat for a special celebration in Athens, Mykonos, Thessaloniki or anywhere else in Greece. Whether it’s a bachelorette, a birthday, a nameday, a company event, or just a gathering with friends, Stripteasers® presents a clean and fun party with disguises, surprises, striptease and party games that are guaranteed to make your special occasion extremely enjoyable and unique.

Great! Where can I find Stripteasers®?

Check out our photo gallery! You’ll find the best showmen in Greece right here. We feature an impressive team of cute guys, gorgeous hunks and handsome men—all with great looks, perfect bodies and super moves! Just browse through, pick an entertainer and book your party! Attention: we are not an escort agency and we do not offer one-to-one private shows! The minimum reservation quota is 5 guests. Stripteasers® is #1, with a sterling reputation for excellence and reliability.

About Stripteasers®

Stripteasers® is an online agency established by women for women. Launched in 2008, we have for over a decade now been successfully fashioning events around female standards and expectations, balancing extraordinary entertainment with discretion and propriety. Clients book our parties not just from Greece, but from all around the world—Paris, London, Geneva, Dubai, Cape Town... We are the premier agency in the southeast Mediterranean, and the best bachelorette party planners and hen night organizers in Greece.

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The most audacious and entertaining parties in Athens.

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